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Top Ways to Get a Business Credit Card with No Credit History

Securing business financing Florida may be tricky. And if you are dealing with low credit score, it may be even tough. Luckily, if you just started your journey into the business world and don’t have any business credit history under your belt, it is still possible to get business credit cards Florida using your personal credit history.

Most lenders treat your personal credit score as the most important factor when considering the choice whether to offer or not to offer business financing or business credit cards.

Get secured business credit cards:-

We all know that credit cards are unsecured as we need not to mortgage anything to obtain a credit card. The credit card companies rely on your credit scores to determine eligibility for these cards. However, when you are just a new name in the business world, you are likely to have no credit history. The best way to get credit card is to go for secured business credit cards Florida as you need no previous credit history to qualify for these kinds of cards.

You need to make a small deposit amount, which acts as security or collateral to your business credit card.

Use credit partner:-

Another best way to get business financing Florida is to partner with someone with good credit history. For instance, if your business partner has good credit score, it may boost your chances of having business credit cards Florida. The credit card will be issued by the name of your partner while you will be an authorized user. Not just it will help streamline the business’ expenses but also helps you boost your personal credit score.

Go for a single business credit card:-

Having multiple credit cards may be a luxury, but applying for multiple cards with no credit history may work against you. The reason here is that you have no history of your capabilities to handle even a single business credit card. So, it is important that you apply for one card and keep using it until you have an established credit history. Also, it is essential to pay your business’ bills and debt on time without failure is essential for qualifying for business credit cards Florida.

Your business’ payments on various credit records:-

One of the best ways to build a proper eligibility to get business credit cards or apply for business financing Florida is to have all your business’ payments recorded by any major credit bureau. If your business is located in a rented property, ask your landlord to sign up for a service such as RentTrack. This will serve as a positive point towards your credit score building as all your payments for the landlord will be reports to the credit bureaus.

Obtaining business financing or business credit cards may be a tough task, but applying the above-mentioned methods may make the job easier as you can create better business history for better financial security.

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